All This Living! for Yarrawonga

July 20, 2017

Camilla Blunden is bringing her acclaimed show All This Living! to Yarrawonga.

Acclaimed Canberra theatre maker Camilla Blunden is bringing her latest work All This Living! to Yarrawonga on Saturday, July 29.

Beginning at 2.30pm at the Senior Citizens Hall in Hovel Street All This Living! is a contemporary, solo work packed with humour, home truths, mythical stories and leaps of imagination, inviting the audience into the life of the character Jay.

“When I grow up I want to be an old woman,” Jay says.

“Each wrinkle and crinkle holds secrets, surprises and stories.

“They can be stroked, rubbed and squeezed to help bring out the treasures, just touch and ask.”

Jay’s head is buzzing, is she the incredible shrinking woman, a faint dot?

Why is she disappearing?

She’s on a quest and wants answers like can she dance at her daughter’s wedding?

Anti-aging adverts and invisibility have worried Jay but ignored once too often as ‘just an old woman’ she sets out to investigate what this third stage of life is.

Proudly presented by Across The Arts and Moira Arts and Culture Inc, All This Living! tickets are $20 for ATA and MAC Inc members or $25 for non-members which includes a delicious afternoon tea.

Tickets are available from Spilva, Stewart & Co, 2/88 Belmore Street, Yarrawonga or visit www.trybooking.com/297345.

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